Early Works (Rain album)

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Early Works
Rain EarlyWorks.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedDecember 7th 2005
GenreK-pop, R&B
LabelKing Records
Rain chronology
It's Raining
Early Works
Eternal Rain

Early Works is the Japanese compilation album by South Korean pop and R&B singer Rain.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1[1]
1."Bad Guy" (나쁜 남자; Nappeun Namja)3:37
2."Handshake" (악수; Aksoo)3:01
3."Ways to Avoid the Sun" (태양을 피하는 방법)3:40
4."You Already Knew" (알면서; Almyeonseo)3:46
5."Like You" (너처럼; Neo Cheorom (feat. Bada))4:17
6."Even You" (Neomajeo)3:43
7."Do You Like That I’m Famous Now" (내가 유명해지니 좋니; Naega Yumyeonghaejini Joni)3:32
8."I Like You Again" (난 또 니가 좋은거야; Nan Tto Niga Joheungeoya)3:30
9."To Me You Are…" (나에게 너는; Naege Neoneun)3:43
10."Why" (왜; Wae)3:09
11."Baby Baby"3:44
12."Instead of Saying Goodbye Remix" (안녕이란 말대신; Annyeongiran Maldaeshin)3:28
13."Can’t Get Used To It" (익숙치 않아서; Iksukchjil Anhaso)4:40
Total length:45:10


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