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Mangifera 'Earlygold'
Earlygold mango.JPG
Earlygold mangoes at the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden's 2010 International Mango Festival in Miami, Florida
Hybrid parentage'Haden' x unknown
BreederFrank Adams
OriginFlorida, USA

The 'Earlygold' mango (or, 'Early Gold') is an early-season mango cultivar that originated in Pine Island, Florida.


The original tree was grown on the grove of Frank Adams in Pine Island, Florida.[1] For decades the parentage of the tree was unknown but a pedigree analysis indicated that Haden was the likely parent.[2] Scions were sent to the Sub-Tropical Research Station near Miami, Florida, and a grafted tree was planted there in 1942. A distinctive characteristic of the tree is its early fruiting season, which begins in May.


The fruit is oblong, averaging less than a pound in weight and having a small lateral beak. The flesh is dark yellow and fiberless, and is sweet and aromatic. Ripens from May to June.

The tree is a moderately vigorous grower.


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