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The Earons are a self-described "astro-funk" band from "Earon Earth." They were inspired by the cosmic mythology of Sun Ra with a bit of Anthony Braxton's mathematica.

Group members use the following stage names: .28 (a.k.a. Henry Pizzicarola, vocals), .22 (Percival Prince, guitar), .33 (Kevin Nance, keyboards), .69 (Melvin Lee, bass) and .18 (Lonnie Ferguson, drums). In 1984 they topped the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with "Land of Hunger." To date, they have only released one album, "Hear on Earth", on LP and cassette (it has never been released on CD).

The concept of the band came from Zecharia Sitchin's book The Twelfth Planet and his writing about the Sumer civilisation.[1]

On Friday, November 21, 2008, the band surfaced again on a new official website which proclaimed that the Earons were still "hear on Earth". Four new songs - "Future", "Numbers and Wires" (Lyrics by Frank Venditti), "Juliana's Cloth" (Lyrics by Frank Venditti), and "Written in America" - were posted, along with the video for "Land of Hunger".

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