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EarthForce is the military branch of the Earth Alliance, Earth's governing body in the fictional Babylon 5 universe.


Earthforce was founded as a peacekeeping militia with the majority of its members deployed to control terrorist aggression on the ground. It was initially formed from contingents provided by Earth Alliance member countries and later transitioned to direct individual recruitment.

The Fleet was not formed until after the Earth Alliance purchased Jump technology from the Centauri. The first major action of Earth Force was the war against the Dilgar which ended in victory. Unfortunately, this made the force overconfident and they decided to approach the Minbari despite warnings that doing so would be dangerous. As it happens, the warnings were correct as an inadvertently premature first contact ended violently due to a serious misunderstanding that provoked the Earth-Minbari War in which EarthForce found itself hopelessly outmatched. The war culminated in the climatic Battle of the Line, in which the bulk of EarthForce's remaining forces were annihilated before the Minbari mysteriously surrendered on the brink of absolute victory (or not so mysteriously as it later turned out).


EarthForce, as part of EarthGov, is headquartered in EarthDome (Geneva, Switzerland) with the President of the Earth Alliance as Commander-in-Chief with the Joint Chiefs of Staff responsible for the day-to-day operations with final authority reserved for the Earth Alliance President. All EarthForce officers and crew train at EarthForce Academy. (The Psi Corps was also founded as part of EarthForce.)


  • Joint Chiefs of Staff, advised by the Committee on Planetary Security (AKA the Office of Planetary Security)
  • Earthforce Command,
  • Earthforce Research & Development,
  • Earthforce Bioweapons Division,
  • EarthAlliance Presidential Security,
  • Earthforce Special Intelligence

EarthForce is organized into three separate branches:

  • EarthFleet/Navy (blue uniforms) - although the full dress uniform is grey trimmed black
  • EarthForce Marines (brown/olive)
  • Security (light gray) - a Gendarmerie (military-police type) force.

There is also an Internal Affairs division of EarthForce, which can draw personnel from any one of the three divisional branches. ("Eyes") Officers and crew are allowed to transfer between branches; Richard Franklin (father of Dr. Stephen Franklin) once served as first officer on the EAS Ares, but by the time we actually meet him, the elder Franklin was a general in the EarthForce Marines. ("GROPOS")


EarthForce uses a unified rank system, with both Army/Marine and Navy-style ranks:

  • General/Admiral
  • Lt. General/Vice Admiral
  • Colonel
  • Lieutenant Colonel
  • Captain
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • Major
  • Lieutenant
  • Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Ensign


EarthForce operates one of the largest military fleets in the known Babylon 5 universe, with approximately 20,000 EarthForce ships during current B5 time-frame. EarthForce had up to 50,000 at one point according to "in the beginning", though many of these were conscripted civilian ships. EarthForce warships comprising such vessels as the Cotten class tender, Olympus class corvette, Omega class destroyers and Hyperion class heavy cruisers, Nova class dreadnought, and numerous smaller support craft. Their newest design is the Warlock class destroyer, which incorporates several new technologies such as artificial gravity. The Victory class starship Excalibur, designed and built for service with the Interstellar Alliance, was loaned to EarthForce for the mission to scour the galaxy to find a cure for the Drakh Plague that had infected Earth in 2267.

All EarthForce ships have the registry prefix EAS, which stands for Earth Alliance Starship.

EarthForce may have many hidden black ops projects some of which could have been seen in the Earth Alliance Civil War where Omega class Destroyers were merged with Shadow bio-tech to create powerful warships for President Clark's regime. Even after Clark's defeat, these rogue operations continue to experiment with the technology to create even more powerful ships, one of which was responsible for the destruction of the Cerberus, a ship of which Matthew Gideon (then an ensign, later captain of the Excalibur) was the only survivor.

EarthForce One is the ship of the President of the Earth Alliance.

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