Earth Defense Force 2025

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Earth Defense Force 2025
Earth Defense Forces 4 japanese PS3 cover.jpg
PS3 Japanese game cover
Developer(s) Sandlot
Publisher(s) D3 Publisher
Director(s) Toshio Noguchi
Takehiro Homma
Composer(s) Masafumi Takada
Jun Fukuda
Series Earth Defense Force
Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows
Release Earth Defense Force 2025
  • JP: July 4, 2013[2]
  • NA: February 18, 2014[1]
  • EU: February 21, 2014
Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair
  • JP: April 2, 2015
  • NA: December 8, 2015[3]
  • EU: February 12, 2016
Microsoft Windows
  • WW: July 18, 2016
Genre(s) Third-person shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Earth Defense Force 2025, known in Japan as Chikyū Bōeigun 4 (地球防衛軍4?, lit. "Earth Defense Forces 4"), is a third-person shooter developed by Sandlot and published by D3 Publisher, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the follow-up to Earth Defense Force 2017.[4][5] A remastered version, titled Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair was released for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in 2016, which includes the original game as well as a new expansion.


The player takes control of an EDF soldier from one of four soldier classes. To fight these alien forces the player can access several weapons in the game, ranging from assault rifles and sniper rifles to rocket launchers, grenades, and laser weapons. Only two weapons may be selected for each mission with the exception of the Fencer, who can have four weapons, and the Air Raider, which can have three. The game has more than seven hundred weapons; roughly 175 weapons per soldier class. This the highest weapon count of any EDF. Some levels also contain vehicles which can be operated.[6][7] The game takes place across levels featuring destructible environments, taking place in settings such as cities, beaches, hills, underground tunnels and more. There is no penalty for collateral damage that is inflicted on the environment by the player, for instance when buildings crumble after sustaining a few hits from a rocket launcher or grenade. Other EDF soldiers can be recruited or followed, and attack enemies on sight, as well as provide radio chatter. You can also customize the color of your soldier.

There are several difficulty levels. More effective weapons are dropped by the enemies in the game at the higher difficulty levels, encouraging players to repeat the missions. In addition to weapons, armor enhancements which function as permanent maximum health bonuses are dropped along with healing items.


The Earth Defense Force, a unified multinational military sponsored by nearly every country, is founded after detecting an impending alien visit in case the aliens prove to be hostile. In the year 2017, that proved to be true and the EDF fought against the Ravagers, an alien race that attacked Earth with giant insect-like creatures, UFOs, robots and gigantic, 120-foot-tall lizard-like creatures. Eight years after defeating the last Ravager in Arizona, they attack again with new creatures, evolved from their underground nest. Among them is the Retiarius, a spider-like creature which makes gigantic spider-webs, and giant bees. In the year 2025, the EDF must protect the Earth again from the alien invaders.[8]

Downloadable content[edit]

D3 has released several addons for this game. They were originally announced as bonuses for pre-orders of the Japanese version, including exclusive content for purchasing the game at some web retailers. The following content is also available for free on PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace as of 2015 in a special bundle named "Unstoppable Shooter Satisfaction Pack" (in Europe) or as four separate bundles, one for each class (in North America).


Aggregate score
Aggregator Score
Metacritic (PS3) 69/100[9]
(X360) 68/100[10]
(PS4) 64/100[11]
Review score
Publication Score
Hardcore Gamer 4.5/5[12]

James Cunningham of Hardcore Gamer gave the game a 4.5/5, calling it "a fantastic example of everything that makes pure action gaming so much fun, packed with replay value and over the top set pieces, and a more than worthy sequel that tops its predecessor in every way."[12]


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