Earth Negotiations Bulletin

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Earth Negotiations Bulletin
A Reporting Service for Environment and Development Negotiations
Type Conference papers and proceedings
Format Printed, Website, Email, Facebook, Twitter
Owner(s) International Institute for Sustainable Development
Founder(s) Johannah Bernstein, Pamela Chasek, Langston James "Kimo" Goree VI
Editor Pamela Chasek
Launched March 1992
Political alignment Neutral
Language English, French
City New York City
OCLC number 55977959
Free online archives Yes

The Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) is a periodic internet news publication covering negotiations, workshops and conferences on a variety of subjects in environmental policy and international law.[1] It is published daily in print and online forms, and with email, Facebook and Twitter feeds, during conferences of the parties to multilateral environmental agreements; and is a publication of the Reporting Services division of the International Institute for Sustainable Development. The publication and division are based in New York City.


During the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, a small group of environmental journalists published a daily bulletin describing the proceedings. The publication caught the attention of the International Institute for Sustainable Development, a sustainability think tank based in Winnipeg, Canada, which proposed that a team be assembled to provide ongoing coverage of follow-up meetings and processes launched in Rio.


Bulletins for each workshop or conference are written and edited by a small team of consultants selected from several dozen located around the world, drawn primarily from academia and international affairs. Many writers join the team while in graduate school and eventually move on to careers in international organizations. Conversely, retired career diplomats from the United States, Russia and China have also brought their experience to the team.[2][3]


The ENB covers a range of topics in sustainability. Core coverage areas include:

Reporting teams are also sent to a variety of conferences on sustainability that fall outside the confines of the list above, under agreements with conference organizers. These conferences include regional negotiations, conferences dealing with sustainability in specific industries such as the International Hydropower Association World Congress on Sustainable Hydropower, and special-interest days within larger conferences, such as "Business Day" during UN Climate Change conferences.

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