Earth pyramids of South Tyrol

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The pyramids of Ritten, the most famous in South Tyrol, towards Mittelberg

The earth pyramids in South Tyrol are a special natural phenomenon that comes about in particular terrain, usually after a landslide or an unhinging of the earth.

The main cause of the formation of earth pyramids is the continuous alternation of periods of torrential rain and drought. These phenomena, in particularly friable terrain, over the years, increasingly erode the ground and form such earth pyramids. Usually the pyramids are formed in terrain very well sheltered from wind so that they cannot be damaged by it.

Moreover, the life of the earth pyramids is strongly dependent on the climate which reigns during the time in which it is shaped by the rock that covers it.

There are several earth pyramids that can be safely visited. Among the most famous and admired the following are the most outstanding:

Other, less famous, earth pyramids are:

Further reading[edit]

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