Earth to Atlanta

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Earth to Atlanta
Video by Widespread Panic
Released November 14, 2006
Genre Rock, Southern rock, Jam
Length 182 minutes
Label Landslide (1988)
Capricorn/Warner Bros. (1992, 1994)
Zomba/Legacy (2001)
Producer Blake W. Morrison
Buck Williams
Casey Bennett
Darren Chuckry

Earth to Atlanta is a live DVD concert of the band Widespread Panic filmed at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA on May 9, 2006. This 2 DVD set features the performance of the band's nationwide simulcast to 115 Regal/Edwards/United Artists cinemas nationwide. This was a companion piece to the 2006 CD release Earth To America. The DVDs were filmed in High Definition/ 5.1 surround sound. The collection features 26 songs, including live versions of “Tall Boy”, “Travelin’ Man”, “Pigeons”, “Time Zones” and “Second Skin.”

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. From The Cradle
  2. Pigeons
  3. Solid Rock
  4. Ribs And Whiskey*
  5. Crazy
  6. Travelin' Man*
  7. Vacation*
  8. Gradle**
  9. Bust It Big**
  10. Don't Wanna Lose You*
  11. Chainsaw City*

Disc two[edit]

  1. Let's Get Down To Business
  2. Barstools and Dreamers
  3. Driving Song
  4. Second Skin***
  5. Driving Song
  6. May Your Glass Be Filled***
  7. Time Zones***
  8. Greta**
  9. Drums
  10. You Should Be Glad**
  11. Goodpeople**
  12. Tall Boy**


  1. None of Us Are Free*
  2. City of Dreams*
  3. Walkin' (For Your Love)*

John Keane* – Guitar, Pedal Steel
Randall Bramblett** – Saxophone, Vocals
Karen Freer*** – Cello

All songs are written by Widespread Panic and published by Brian Delay or Widespread Music/BMI

  • "From the Cradle" – written by WP and William Tonks; published by Brian Delay LLC/BMI
  • "Solid Rock" – written by Bob Dylan; published by Special Rider Music/ASCAP
  • "Travelin' Man" – written by Michael Houser; published by Door Harp Music/BMI
  • "Chainsaw City" – written by Jerry Joseph; published by Pampoon Publishing/BMI
  • "Let's Get Down to Business" – written by Vic Chesnutt; published by Ghetto Bells Music/BMI
  • "Second Skin" and "Time Zones" – written by WP and Jerry Joseph; published by Brian Delay
  • "None of Us Are Free" – written by Brenda Russell, Barry Mann, and Cynthia Weil; published by Wixen Music/Dyad Music Ltd. and Universal-Geffen Music and Rutland Road Music
  • "City of Dreams" – written by David Byrne; published by RZO/Index Music


Widespread Panic[edit]

Special guests[edit]

  • Randall Bramblett** – saxophone, vocals (Courtesy of New West Records)
  • Kevin Hyde – trombone
  • Wayne Postell – trumpet
  • Tom Ryan – baritone sax
  • Karen Freer*** – cello
  • Reid Harris – viola
  • Jun-Ching Lin – violin
  • Elizabeth Murphy – cello
  • Paul Murphy – viola
  • Sou-Chun Su – violin


  • Eric Cochran – director
  • Blake W. Morrison – producer
  • Buck Williams – executive producer
  • Casey Bennett – executive producer
  • Darren Chuckry – executive producer
  • Bryan Walters – line producer
  • Chris Osterhus – editors
  • Don Pollard – editors
  • Audio Produced by Terry Manning & Widespread Panic
  • Music Recorded and Mix in 5.1 Surround Sound & Stereo by Gary Lux (Bennett Music Studios)
  • Assisted by Michael Jesmer & Jason Kemp
  • Mastered by Gary Lux