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For the Scott Sigler novel, see Earthcore (novel).
Juno Reactor at Earthcore 04.jpg
Juno Reactor at Earthcore 04
Genre Electronic music
Location(s) Victoria, Australia, with some events held in Queensland and overseas in New Caledonia
Years active 1993-present

Earthcore is an Australian outdoor dance music festival and electronic music events organisation. The outdoor events were generally held in forest environments around Victoria, Australia, with some events held in Queensland and overseas in New Caledonia. Earthcore has operated since 1992. After the Earthcore Carnival that ran from the 28th to 30 November 2008, Earthcore took a hiatus before returning for their 20-year anniversary celebration in November 2013.[1]

Earthcore returned to its traditional ground roots festival beginning with the 20 year anniversary in 2013 to celebrate the event that introduced Australia to the outdoor electronic dance music festival. With a new home amongst the rolling hills of Pyalong in country Victoria, Earthcore is once again scheduled to be held in November 2014 with arguably one of the largest lineups to date including favourites Hallucinogen and Shpongle as headliners.[2]


Michele Adamson at Earthcore 2006

Earthcore originated in 1992, the first event being held in 1993 in Victoria. It was held on top of a cleared mountain top which was used by logging trucks to turn around after being loaded. There were 180 people in attendance. Music at this first event included sets from the DJs Steve Robbins, Mark Hogan, Andy Boy, and a live set from Majestic 12.

Over the years, events included large outdoor festivals, one night weekly club events, warehouse parties, one-off large-scale indoor parties, events on boats and a club on a moving train.[3] The peak Earthcore event was the 2000 New Year's Eve party which went for seven days and was attended by up to 45,000 people over the seven days. Earthcore by this period had become a commercial enterprise and had employed several directors. Karl Fitzgerald and Christian Diaz left Earthcore in the following years leaving the business in the hands of Spiro Boursine and Pip Darvall.[4]


Raja Ram & Chicago at Earthcore 2006

Earthcore has been host to many artists including:

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