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Earthly Sovereign (地皇, Dìhuáng) was the second Chinese legendary king after Pangu's era. According to Yiwen Leiju (藝文類聚), he was the second in Three Sovereigns.


According to Book of History (史記),

  • Dìhuáng had eleven heads, was the king of Fire (火德王, Huǒdéwáng).
  • Or, Dìhuáng was a king of many achievements, was of eleven brothers, lived to eighteen thousand years old.

After he was born, the world was filled in chaos. That year, the sun and the moon born from two eyes of Pangu, the stars from his hairs couldn't move smoothly and correctly, which caused many days without sun, or many days with the sun shined all over each day, or many dangerous fallen star accidents. With his power, Dìhuáng corrected the false. He made the sun, the moon move correctly, and stipulated the days of a month, the months of a year.

Dìhuáng`s rule lasted eleven thousand years.

He created Mount Xiong'er (熊耳山 Xióng'ĕr Shān) and Mount Longmen (龍門山 Lóngmén Shān).

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