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Earthsave was a minor Australian political party that ran candidates for the 1999 New South Wales state election. The party had a broadly environmentalist focus,[1] and had a wide range of policies from a generally left wing position.[2] The party had very limited success and was outpolled by its larger equivalent, the Greens; it did not contest further elections.

Homophobia controversy[edit]

A group of former members of the party accused Earthsave of hiding a conservative agenda under the progressive, environmental banner it constructed. Included in the party's election platform was support for "free enterprise that is ethical and sustainable" and "family and community values". EarthSave leaders were quoted in online letters making misogynist and homophobic statements.

Leader Brandon Raynor opposed adopting a policy in support of gay and lesbian people, stating that he believed homosexuality was inherently selfish because it cannot involve "bringing another soul into the world" and that homosexuals are "not an oppressed minority" because of their "much greater average income". He also referred to homosexual sex as "dirty, spreads contagious diseases, and [is] not very self-disciplined or natural", opposed homosexuals teaching in schools, and claimed that most people are not scared of homosexuals so the term 'homophobia' is unwarranted.

These comments were condemned by the NSW Greens and Democratic Socialist candidates in Lismore.[3]

McDonald's opposition[edit]

Earthsave was opposed to expansion of McDonald's in the Blue Mountains. Party leader Brandon Raynor asked McDonald's Australia to consider opening a restaurant serving healthy, local and environmentally friendly food under the title of McNatural's.

Earthsave also planned protests for the World Day of Action Against McDonald's, 16 October 1996.[4]


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