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Earthsave was an Australian political party that ran candidates for the 1999 New South Wales state election. The party had a broadly environmentalist focus,[1] and had a wide range of policies from a well rounded position.[2] The party almost got its major candidate elected. Out of approximately 266 candidates vying for 21 seats the lead candidate came in position 23. The party was very successful in promoting support for vegetarianism and veganism and forced the Green Party to adopt more pro animal rights policies. It also gave environmentally minded business people an alternative party to vote for rather than the Green Party that had been taken over by members of the extreme left Socialists. The party was very successful in promoting the idea that prevention is better than cure and in promoting the idea that the budget could be helped by keeping people healthy through natural means and education and reduce hospital costs.

McDonald's opposition[edit]

Earthsave was opposed to expansion of McDonald's in the Blue Mountains. Party leader Brandon Raynor led the successful campaign to stop McDonald's entering the upper Blue Mountains and worked with the Earth Repair Foundation to propose to McDonald's Australia to consider opening a restaurant serving healthy, local and environmentally friendly food under the title of McNatural's.

Earthsave also engaged in protests for the World Day of Action Against McDonald's, 16 October 1996.[3]


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