Easier (recording studio)

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Easier is a recording studio located in Los Angeles, California and Joshua Tree, California.

Easier was founded in 2007. The studio has recorded artists: Robert Robinson (Sore Eros), Vudi (American Music Club Swans), Douglas McCarthy (Life Is Sucking The Life Out Of Me aka Kill Your Friends), Eric Erlandson (Contempt To Tape - Letters to Kurt), ESJ3 featuring Jay Rajeck (TRS-80 (group)), Ariel Pink (live and various recordings), Taka Boom, Jason & The Punknecks, Jon Shere & Danny Oxenberg (Supreme Dicks), Tom Surgal, Stephen Papke, Eekie Babaar, Mikie Shioya, Vincent Gallo, Matt Fishbeck (Holy Shit), Holly Cat, Cayal Unger, Kalomo Grimes featuring H.R. of Bad Brains.