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Easily Ltd
Industry Internet
Founded 1999
Headquarters UK
Area served
Parent NetNames Group
Website http://easily.co.uk

Easily Ltd was once one of the UK’s largest domain name and webhosting companies.[1]


Easily Ltd was founded in September 1999 as Easywebnames by Steve Procter[2] In 2004, Easily Ltd was acquired by London-listed Group NBT plc, Europe’s leading specialist domain name management company and one of the UK’s largest providers of website hosting services. In March 2003, Easily Ltd partnered with VeriSign to introduce Shared Hosting Security Services (SHSS).[3] In 2006, Group NBT partnered with CM4all to add CM4all WebsiteCreator Business Edition to Easily Ltd’s services to help SME customers create websites.[4] Easily Ltd was voted “Most Popular” domain name service provider in June 2009 and July 2009 by some members of the public on UK’s Web Host Directory.

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