East-coast free-tailed bat

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East-coast free-tailed bat
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Chiroptera
Family: Molossidae
Genus: Mormopterus
Subgenus: M. (Micronomus)
Species: M. norfolkensis
Binomial name
Mormopterus norfolkensis
Gray, 1840

The east-coast free-tailed bat (Mormopterus norfolkensis) is a species of bat in the family Molossidae, the free-tailed bats. Other common names include eastern little mastiff bat[1] and eastern freetail-bat.[2] This bat is endemic to Australia, where it occurs from southeastern Queensland to eastern New South Wales.[1]

This bat has dark brown to reddish brown fur with a paler belly.[2]

The species has been collected only occasionally, and little is known about its biology and ecology. It has been observed in dry eucalypt forest, wet sclerophyll forest, and riparian rainforest habitat. A colony was found roosting in a house.[1] Females with young have been observed in grey mangrove (Avicennia marina) forests.[3] Though the species may roost communally, it is usually solitary.[2]

It is thought that there are fewer than 10,000 mature individuals. Threats to the species may include habitat loss from timber harvesting, coastal development, and alterations of natural fire regimes.[1]


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