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EastSouthWestNorth is an English-language China-focused blog written by Roland Soong (宋以朗, Cantonese: [sʊ̄ŋìlɔ̀ːŋ])), a Hong Kong-based blogger. The blog combines English translations of Chinese articles, comments and recommended reading.[1] It was started in 2003 when Roland Soong moved back to Hong Kong. Notable subjects include Eileen Chang, J-Pop, and Shanghai World Expo.


According to a survey conducted by Rebecca MacKinnon in late 2006, EastSouthWestNorth appears to be substantially more important to foreign correspondents than other English-language China-focused blogs.

Media Presence[edit]

Roland Soong has been interviewed by BBC News, Next Magazine, OhmyNews, Reuters and The Standard, a free Hong Kong newspaper.


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