East Bergish

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East Bergish
Region Bergisches Land Region, Germany
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Linguist list
Glottolog None
East Bergish is the easternmost green area on this map

East Bergish is a group of dialects of the Bergisches Land Region in West Germany. It combines features of the Westphalian group, Limburgish, and (predominantly) the South Guelderish or Cleverlands group, it is usually seen as part of the latter. South Guelderish covers much of the Lower Rhine area in Germany and extends into the Central Netherlands. It is a Low Franconian group, whereas Westphalian belongs to the Low German group. It is also seen as part of the larger Meuse-Rhenish language group. East Bergish is called Ostbergisch in German.

In popular, rather than scientific view, East Bergish dialects are often referred to as Bergish by locals, or Rhinelandic by outsiders.

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