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East Carolina University is home to 16 social fraternities, ten social sororities, five historically African-American fraternities, and four historically African-American sororities. There are also 16 honor fraternities, and 12 service or religious fraternities/sororities.

Social fraternities and sororities[edit]

Interfraternity Council[edit]

The 18 social fraternities includes:

Panhellenic Council[edit]

The ten social sororities include:

Historically African-American Greek life[edit]

National Pan-Hellenic Council[edit]

Historically African-American Fraternities[edit]

The five historically African-American fraternities include:

Historically African-American Sororities[edit]

The four Historically African-American sororities include:

Non-Social fraternities and sororities[edit]

Business Fraternities[edit]

Honor fraternities[edit]

Service/religious fraternity/sorority[edit]

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