East District, Hsinchu

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Coordinates: 24°47′45″N 120°59′36″E / 24.795929°N 120.993435°E / 24.795929; 120.993435

East District in Hsinchu City
East District

East District (Chinese: 東區; pinyin: Dōng Qū) is a district in east Hsinchu City, Taiwan. It is the second largest of the three districts in Hsinchu City. The East District is home to the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park.


  • Area: 33.58 km2 (12.97 sq mi)[1]
  • Population: 208,122 (January 2016)

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The Taiwan Railway Administration serves East District via four stations: Hsinchu, North Hsinchu, Shibo and Zhuke.


Hsinchu Bus Station

Bus station in the district is Hsinchu Bus Station of Hsinchu Bus.


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