East District, Taichung

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Coordinates: 24°08′14″N 120°41′48″E / 24.137276°N 120.696732°E / 24.137276; 120.696732

East District in Taichung City
East District

East District (Chinese: 東區; pinyin: Dōng Qū) is an urban district in the Taiwanese city of Taichung. It was formerly a part of Taichung City before the City and County were amalgamated in 2010.[1]


The district used to be part of Taichung provincial city before the merger with Taichung County to form Taichung special municipality on 25 December 2010.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Xinzhuang Village, Zhenxing Village, Tungqiao Village, Tungxing Village, Quanyuan Village, Gancheng Village, Hanxi Village, Lecheng Village, Tungmen Village, Shijia Village, Tungying Village, Tungnan Village, Tungshi Village, Gezuo Village, Furen Village, Futai Village, Tungxin Village.[2]


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