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Warehouse, near the BCN Main Line canal, Smethwick

East End Foods is an Asian food company, founded in the West Midlands in 1972 by the Wouhra Brothers. It has grown to be one of the largest Asian food companies in the UK.[1] It employs more than 320 people.[2]


East End Foods was formed in 1972 in Wolverhampton, UK by the 5 Wouhra Brothers, who were originally from New Delhi, India. Having been established in Wolverhampton it has since moved on through the West Midlands conurbation into Birmingham. In 2006 it opened the largest rice mill in Europe, with the dedication officiated by Environment Secretary David Miliband.[3] After the close down of the old HP Sauce site in 2007, which is situated in Aston Birmingham, East End Foods have now purchased it and built a new cash & carry.

Cash and Carry[edit]

Extensive ground works and civil engineering have taken place, from November 2010 to January 2011, in anticipation for the new cash and carry, which could be an iconic landmark for Birmingham. A civil engineering company completed sewer and service diversions and prepared the site for the construction of the cash and carry. Works on the cash and carry will commence in February 2011.

The cash and carry has been built on the old HP Sauce site and was opened late 2011 early 2012 for business.


Former Prime Minister David Cameron visited the company's flagship factory in West Bromwich on August 3rd 2010, during a visit to the West Midlands.