East Falkland (constituency)

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East Falkland
Former Falkland Islands Legislative Council Constituency
Outline map
Location of East Falkland within the Falkland Islands
Major settlements Port Louis, Darwin, Port San Carlos, San Carlos, Salvador, Johnson's Harbour, Fitzroy, Mare Harbour, and Goose Green
Former constituency
Created 1949
Abolished 1985
Number of members One
Replaced by Camp

East Falkland was a constituency of the Legislative Council of the Falkland Islands which was in existence from the first elections in the Falklands in 1949 until the 1985 election when the Falkland Islands Constitution came into force, abolishing the constituency. The constituency of East Falkland elected one member to the Legislative Council and consisted of the whole area of the island of East Falkland, excluding Stanley, and some neighbouring islands. In 1964 it become the first seat to elect a female Councillor, Marjorie Vinson.[1] East Falkland is now part of the Camp constituency.


Election Member
1949 Arthur Grenfell Barton
1952 Thomas Andrew Gilruth
1960 George Christopher Reginald Bonner
1964 Marjorie Vinson
1968 Robin Andreas Mackintosh Pitaluga
1971 Adrian Bertrand Monk
1981 Ronald Eric Binnie
1985 Constituency abolished.


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