East Gallatin River

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East Gallatin River
East Gallatin River near Belgrade, Montana
Country Gallatin County, Montana, United States
Basin features
Main source 45°39′51″N 110°57′10″W / 45.66417°N 110.95278°W / 45.66417; -110.95278
River mouth Nixon Gap
4,157 feet (1,267 m)[1]
45°53′30″N 111°20′01″W / 45.89167°N 111.33361°W / 45.89167; -111.33361Coordinates: 45°53′30″N 111°20′01″W / 45.89167°N 111.33361°W / 45.89167; -111.33361[1]
River system Missouri River
Basin size 148 square miles (380 km2)[2] (Gallatin Range, Bridger Range)
Physical characteristics
Length 42 miles (68 km)

The East Gallatin River flows 42 miles (68 km) in a northwesterly direction through the Gallatin valley, Gallatin County, Montana. Rising from the confluence of Rocky Creek and several other small streams, the East Gallatin begins about one mile (1.6 km) east of downtown Bozeman, Montana. The river joins the main stem of the Gallatin River 2.3 miles (3.7 km) north of Manhattan, Montana. Throughout its course, the river traverses mostly valley floor ranch and farm land with typical summer flows of approximately 50 cu ft/s (1.4 m3/s)[3]

Angling the East Gallatin[edit]

The East Gallatin river is a popular trout fishing stream and holds good populations of rainbow and brown trout as well as mountain whitefish. Access is limited to country road crossings and two public assess sites maintained by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks department.[4] Numerous spring creeks, most notably Ben Hart and Thompson, feed the East Gallatin throughout its course and provide excellent trout fishing as well.

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