East Gate, British Columbia

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East Gate

Manning Park
Eastgate's primary business, the Esso.
Eastgate's primary business, the Esso.
Country Canada
Province British Columbia
Regional districtOkanagan-Similkameen
 • Total5.4 km2 (2.1 sq mi)
927 m (3,041 ft)
Time zoneUTC-8 (PST)
HighwaysCrowsnest Highway
WaterwaysSimilkameen River

East Gate is a small cabin community located at the Eastern portal of Manning Provincial Park in the Cascade Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.[1] It is located in the Similkameen-Okanagan Forest District. The community store and gas station, and formerly the now closed restaurant, are popular for visitors of Manning Park Resort and ski area. The settlement is located along the uppermost Similkameen River. Access to Eastgate is limited solely to east-west travel along the Hope-Princeton Highway. The community has one gas station, an Esso, a cabin rental and a bed and breakfast. The gas station was formerly host to the East Gate Canada Post Office. The Eastgate Volunteer Fire Department, with three trucks, provides fire protection for the area and frequently participates in forest fire control in the region. The small town shows up on some government maps (such as topographical maps) as Manning Park.

The ARC (Alpine Rescue Centre) is located in Eastgate and is the residence of the Canadian Ski Patrol during the winter, and is rented to groups during the summer. The ski patrol provides safety services to the Gibson Pass Ski Area.


Since at least 1905, Charlie Bonnevier owned and lived on the land now occupied by East Gate. In 1944, a parcel of 160 acres (65 ha) was sold to the Tower Family, which became the Tower Ranch. As this property was one of the few private plots along the soon-to-open highway, and the highway's aesthetic qualities were of serious concern to the BC Parks, the family agreed not to clear-cut or otherwise make the property unpleasant for motorists.[2] Little of the original ranch remains, however one original house stands, and the roads are named in memory of the ranch. The ranch formerly maintained an airstrip[3] which is now decommissioned and is now home to several houses. Near the Esso, the historic Pasayten Cabin stands. They are currently uninhabited.[4]

Eastgate Volunteer Fire Department[edit]

The community is served by the Eastgate Fire Protection Society, which maintains three fire trucks. One of these trucks was stolen in May 2010[5] and was quickly recovered, albeit without vital components stolen by thieves, by a paramedic using a helicopter for the search.[6] The fire department formerly used a mid-1930s fire truck, and until 2014 was in possession of a 1970s era firetruck until it was purchased for use at Manning Park Resort.


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Coordinates: 49°08′16″N 120°36′49″W / 49.13778°N 120.61361°W / 49.13778; -120.61361