East German general election, 1967

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Legislative elections were held in the German Democratic Republic on 2 July 1967. 434 deputies to the Volkskammer were elected, with all of them being candidates of the single-list National Front. 583 Front candidates were put forward, with 434 being elected. The allocation of seats remained unchanged from the 1963 election.

Out of 11,341,729 registered electors, 11,208,016 (98.82%) voted, with 11,197,265 (99.93%) voting for Front candidates and 8,005 against. 2,746 were void or blank.

Party/Group Acronym Seats
Socialist Unity Party of Germany SED 110
Free German Trade Union Federation FDGB 60
Christian Democratic Union CDU 45
Liberal Democratic Party of Germany LDPD 45
Democratic Farmers' Party of Germany DBD 45
National Democratic Party of Germany NDPD 45
Free German Youth FDJ 35
Democratic Women's League of Germany DFD 30
Cultural Association of the DDR KB 19