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General Info[edit]

Locomotive Ellan Bee by the turntable.

The East Herts Miniature Railway (EHMR) is situated behind Van Hage Garden Centre in Great Amwell near Ware, Hertfordshire.

It opened in 1978 [1] and by 2006 it had carried 1 million passengers.[2] It is open Saturdays 11:00–17:00 and Sundays & Public Holidays 11:00–16:30. Its primary purpose is to give mainly steam-hauled train rides to the general public on a 7 14 in (184 mm) gauge track. £25,000 has been donated to Amwell View School from the EHMR.

The current length of the track is around 1/4 of a mile and the journey time is 3.5 minutes. There are 4 steam locos, 2 petrol hydraulic and 1 battery electric belonging to the company which are in regular use. The site comprises a station with canopy and booking office, bridge, engine shed, tunnel, turntable, signal box (with ex London Underground westinghouse 'B' style lever frame from Hyde Park Corner),[3] steaming bays, level crossing, water tower and workshop. Colour light signals and electro-pneumatic points operate every time the railway operates and are in the process of being computerised so that the system can be used without a human signaller required. A manual override function is included.


TCB Miller 0-4-2 Tinkerbell Class Lined Blue, Red and White lines. Named after the designer of the High Speed Train, a former member
Samson 0-4-2 + 6 Wheel Tender Thomas 2 Lined Blue, Black edging, White lines
Ellan Bee 2-4-2 Lynton and Barnstable derivative Lined Mid - Green, Orange and Black Lines
Petrol Hydraulic
John A Pattern 2-6-2 Sit In Blue with Maroon and Silver band
Battery Electric
Lady Amwell Bo-Bo Ride on Railways Sit In. Based on Ruislip Lido, "Lady of the Lakes" Maroon with Yellow band
Not Operational:
Peter N Brown 0-4-2 Tinkerbell Class Lined Maroon, Black and Straw lines Under Overhaul as of April 15
Petrol Hydraulic
H G Harrison 0-4-0 + 4 wheel tender Roanoake with Tender British Racing Green Out of Service pending work on a fuel leak


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Coordinates: 51°47′37″N 0°01′18″W / 51.7935°N 0.0218°W / 51.7935; -0.0218