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East Kent Mavericks
Team logo
Established 2002
Based in Canterbury
Home stadium Aylesham Welfare Leisure Centre,
Head coach Glenn Lindley
League BAFA National Leagues
Division Premier South
League titles None
Division titles None
Current uniform
Left arm Body Right arm
Left arm Body Right arm

The East Kent Mavericks are an American Football team based in Canterbury, Kent. First formed in 2002 as a flag football team, they currently play in the South Division of the BAFA National Leagues Premier Conference.


The team was originally formed in 2001 as the Canterbury Coyotes.[1] They immediately entered the British Senior Flag League, where they competed in the Southern Conference. After the six game regular season, they finished second with a 3-2-1 record, narrowly qualifying for the playoffs over the Bournemouth Raiders. They easily won their semi-final matchup away to the UCLA Renegades, scoring 34 points without reply to earn them a place in the final against the London Gators, which they eventually lost 14–22.[2]

The following season, they relocated to Aylesford and renamed themselves the Invicta Coyotes.[3] They entered the BSFL nine-man league and finished the regular season unbeaten with a 5-0-3 record, which was enough to for them to come second and once again qualify for the playoffs. They were drawn against the Bournemouth Raiders, a team against whom they had already tied during the regular season, and the playoff game also proved to be a tight one, going into overtime before the Raiders won 0–6.[4][5]

In 2004 the club committee decided it was time to take the next step up and recruit to join the British Senior League playing full contact American football and so they bowed out of the semi contact flag league.[1] They relocated back to their original home city of Canterbury and became affiliate members of the British American Football League as the East Kent Mavericks, where they recruited and practiced for two seasons. The Mavericks proved they were ready for competitive action after completing the obligatory friendlies against teams such as the Kent Exiles.

In 2006 they were officially accepted as full members of the league and duly given a spot in the Southern Conference of Division Two. They found this new level of football more difficult and, despite several close games, they finished the season in last place with a 0-10 record.[6]

In the restructuring of the league prior to the 2007 season, they were moved into the South East conference where they enjoyed more success, recording five shutouts, finishing with an even 5-5 record and only missing the playoffs by one place.[7][8]

During the 2008 season the team improved yet again, this time reaching a 6-4 record. However, in a crucial game, the Mavericks surrendered a 28-7 lead in losing to the Colchester Gladiators which eliminated them from playoff contention.

The 2009 season proved to be East Kent's best yet. This year, the Mavericks held their nerve in a late season game on July the 12 2009 against the London Olympians, earning a tight 16-8 victory which was described as "The biggest win in their history".[9] The team finally clinched a playoff berth on the last game of the season with a win over the Maidstone Pumas. The game however was marred by a great tragedy when Pumas linebacker Alan Newcombe, who was standing on the Pumas' sideline, suddenly collapsed and died.[10] In the playoffs, the Mavericks lost out in the quarter-finals 6–24 to Hampshire Thrashers. They finished the season with an impressive 8-1-1 record.

The 2010 season saw the Mavericks promoted to Division One South East during an offseason restructure. Their first victory Division 1 came in the form of a 6-0 result against the Peterborough Saxons with Gary Welch converting two field goals to seal the win. The Mavericks finished with a respectable 3-7 record to complete their first season in a higher division. The 2011 season was much of the same, recording 2 wins and completing a 2-8 record.

2012 saw an change in coaching staff, with Glenn Lindley appointed as Head Coach and various other new coaches taking up positions. A new influx of youth and university players saw a new impetus in the mentality and focus within the team. A Josh Adamson-led spread offence produced 314 points and recorded wins against the Sussex Thunder, South Wales Warriors and Ipswich Cardinals, all firsts for the franchise. The Mavericks finished 8-2 and were awarded a playoff bye-week as division winners. The team faced the Sussex Thunder in the playoff semi-finals and lost 37-30 in a disappointing match after beating Sussex twice in regular season. Despite the playoff loss, this was the most successful season in the Mavericks short history.

Prior to the 2013 season, the British American Football Association decided to restructure the National Leagues, switching from a three-tier to a two-tier system, doubling the size of the Premiership team in the process. Having finished top in the Division One South East the previous season (though knocked out in the semi-finals of the playoffs), the Mavs were promoted to the Premiership South. Despite it being their first ever season in the top flight of football in the UK, the Mavericks began the season strongly, winning six of their first seven games, including the first win over the Cambridgeshire Cats in team history. The Mavs ended up with a 6-4 record, losing their final three games to the London Blitz, Bristol Aztecs and eventual national champions London Warriors - all three of whom made the playoffs. The Mavericks were the only team from among those who were promoted to the Premiership following the 2013 realignment to finish the year with a winning record.

The Mavericks began their 2014 campaign in Week 3 of the BAFANL season, in a road trip against the Cambridgeshire Cats. After having notched up their first win over the Cats in franchise history in a home contest the previous season, the Mavs clocked up their first win against the Cats in Cambridgeshire, securing a hard-fought 28-20 victory. [11] The Mavs' second game saw them losing a tough road battle against the London Olympians 20-8, before losing their home opener to the Colchester Gladiators in a close 40-37 defeat.

Senior team season records[edit]

Season Division Wins Losses Ties PF PA Final Position Playoff Record Notes
2001 British Senior Flag League, Southern 3 2 1 70 76 2 / 4 Beat UCLA Renegades 34–0 in semi-final.
Lost 14–22 to London Gators in final.
2002 British Senior Flag League, Nine-Man League 5 0 3 140 52 2 / 7 Lost 0–6 to Bournemouth Raiders in semi-final.
2003 to 2005 DID NOT COMPETE
2006 BAFL Division Two South 0 10 0 85 247 4 / 4 First season as a fully kitted team.
2007 BAFL Division Two South East 5 5 0 169 113 3 / 6
2008 BAFL Division Two South East 6 4 0 225 193 3 / 5
2009 BAFL Division Two South East 8 1 1 322 45 1 / 4 Lost 6–24 to Hampshire Thrashers in quarter-final.
2010 BAFACL Division One South East 3 7 0 173 242 5 / 6
2011 BAFANL Division One South East 2 8 0 165 322 5 / 6
2012 BAFANL Division One South and Central 8 2 0 314 193 1 / 6 Lost 30-37 to Sussex Thunder in semi-final.
2013 BAFANL Premiership South 6 4 0 233 370 5 / 10
2014 BAFANL Premiership South 1 7 0 133 332 9 / 9
TOTAL 39 48 1 1,819 2,057


East Kent Mavericks roster
  • 88 Luke Jones

Running Backs

  • 28 Richie Bowen
  • 24 Josh Kemp
  • 31 Sam Northwood
  • 33 Steve O'Keeffe
  • 30 Karl Syrett
  • 7 Dan Weale
  • 40 James Webb

Wide Receivers

  • 15 Stephen Baalham
  • 80 William Colthup
  • 16 Alex Conyers
  • 29 Zach Grierson
  • 87 Alex Hoad
  • 84 Mark Hughes
  • 11 Owain Jenkins
  • 89 Chris Lacey
  • 13 Rob McDonald
  • 83 James Thompson
  • 1 Tony Allen
Offensive Linemen
  • 74 Joe Bartlett C
  • 72 Myles Bebbington T
  • 79 Adam Chapman T
  • 77 Lee Godfrey T
  • 60 Jake Griffiths T
  • 75 Bob Hector C/G
  • 66 Dariusz Kapusniak G
  • 76 Thomas Laker C/G
  • 69 Simon Miller T/G
  • 59 Dudley Ross G
  • 78 Graham 'Grim' Sergeant G
  • 73 Jon Smith T
  • 54 Adam Thorpe G

Defensive Linemen

  • 9 Nedeem Al-Astrabadi DE
  • 52 George Brace DE
  • 98 Richard Brown NT
  • 96 Nathan Hards DE
  • 91 Lee Harper DE
  • 94 Michael "Buster" Keefe NT
  • 99 Sasha Kolakovic DE
  • 95 Kenny Luck DE
  • 55 Dave Squires NT
  • 90 Jamie Witcher DE
  • 33 Shane Hymers DE

  • 58 Adrian Benn ILB
  • 50 Ashley Bourne
  • 56 Gavin Blowey ILB
  • 8 Doug Cumming OLB
  • 53 Jamie Griffiths OLB
  • 49 Tom Nairn OLB
  • 48 Shaun Reynolds OLB
  • 47 Louis Terry ILB
  • 32 Sean-Paul Young OLB

Defensive Backs

  • 27 Oliver Bristow FS
  • 23 John Ellender CB
  • 26 Ruben Cruz FS
  • 25 James Devereux CB
  • 35 Seamus Kerlin CB
  • 6 Adam Lillis SS
  • 34 Glenn Merry SS
  • 20 Robert Walton CB
  • 22 Jordan Weatherill SS
  • 37 Alex Wyatt CB

Special Teams

  • 28 Richie Bowen KR/PR
  • 80 William Colthup KR
  • 23 John Ellender K/P
  • 84 Mark Hughes K/P
  • 13 Rob McDonald KR/PR
  • 90 Jamie Witcher LS


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