East Kent Sudbury School

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East Kent Sudbury
Blue and white logo with swirl design
Rippledown House, Ringwould, Deal, Kent

TypeHome education learning community
EstablishedJanuary 2019 (2019-01)
FounderKezia Cantwell-Wright

East Kent Sudbury is a home education learning community in Deal, Kent in the United Kingdom. The community operates on Sudbury school principles, that opened in January 2019[1] and has attracted controversy.[2]


EKS is now situated in Ringwould nr Deal on a beautiful site developed for outdoor learning. In addition Kent still runs a system of selective education, with secondary modern schools, now called high schools or academies with grammar schools for the minority. London schools are fully comprehensive.[2]


Co-Founder, Kezia Cantwell-Wright, who is an alumnus of A.S Neill's Summerhill was already home educating her children and sought a school with the principles of self-direction and democracy. Finding none in the area or indeed the UK she, alongside Kate Coleman and others, then embarked on founding the UK's first Sudbury model school.[2]


The school was based in Buckland House, Dover, Kent

The opening will be gradual, in January 2019 it offered part-time provision for home-schooled children, using rented space in the Cliftonville community centre. It offers a sliding scale fee structure and aims to be as inclusive as possible.[2] In 2020 EKS moved to River, Dover and then in July 2022 settled into their forever home at Rippledown House in Ringwould near Deal.[3]

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