East Lancs EL2000

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East Lancs EL2000
Dennis Dart East Lancs EL2000 1.jpg
East Lancs EL2000 body on Dennis Dart with a double-curvature windscreen with an arched top.
Manufacturer East Lancashire Coachbuilders
Body and chassis
Doors 1 door
Floor type Step entrance
Capacity 28 to 40 seated
Length 8.5m to 12.0m
Width 2.5m
Height 3.0m

The East Lancs EL2000 is a type of single-decker bus body built on a wide variety of bus chassis by East Lancashire Coachbuilders.


Many different chassis types, both new and secondhand, were fitted with EL2000 bodywork. These include:

The Atlantean chassis had started their lives as double-decker vehicles but were rebodied as single-deckers.


The EL2000 made its first appearance on rebodied Leyland Tigers at the end of 1989. It was superseded as a step-entrance body by the Flyte, starting in 1996 and stopped production in 2001.


The EL2000 has an aluminium frame. It has bowed sides and a bowed top half of the rear end, with a high-set rear window.

There was some variability in the height and shape of the side windows, and the style of windscreen. One common design of windscreen was square-cornered, tapered in towards the top and curved around to the sides. Another was a two-piece flat windscreen with radiused outer corners. A third design used was a double-curvature windscreen with an arched top.

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