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This article is about the single decker. For links to the full details of the double decker versions, see below.
East Lancs Myllennium (single deck)
Arriva NW MAN Myllennium 2828.jpg
Arriva North West and Wales East Lancs Myllennium in Bolton bus station in February 2009
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2
Floor type Low floor
Capacity up to 50
Length 8,500 to 13,900mm
Width 2,300 to 2,525mm
Height 3,100mm maximum

The East Lancs Myllennium is a type of single-decker bus body built on MAN, Volvo, DAF/VDL and Alexander Dennis chassis. It was built as a single and double-decker body, with double deck bodies having slightly different names (see below).

Single decker[edit]

The single-deck version of the body was built on DAF SB220, Scania OmniTown, MAN 14.220 and Dennis Dart SLF chassis. This body is called the Myllennium regardless of the chassis. The body was replaced by the Esteem. It was designed in 1999 as a bus for the Millennium routes M1 & M2 from the Millennium Dome but soon after became available for other operators.


Tiger Line East East Lancs Myllennium Hyline in Chesham in October 2008
An example of a special bodied Myllennium, this one has specially adapted bodywork for its job as a BBC radio bus.

The Hyline body was designed to re-body reconditioned Leyland Tiger and Volvo B10M chassis. Six Leyland Tigers were rebodied in 2000 as Myllennium Hylines for Strathtay. These 12m Tigers hit the road and were used on a variety of services from local work to distant coach services. One further order was placed for a single Volvo B10M operated by an independent in Wales. Looking rather different from the Strathtay examples, the Volvo was built with bonded glazing and had the emergency exit located at the very rear off side. The concept was not a great success, as a result no further orders followed - the Hylines representing the end in the UK of rebodying for the bus industry. It was built like the Myllennium single-decker but for high-floor buses and thus, it could not be ordered with any new, low floor chassis.


In line with previous East Lancs products, the Myllennium bodywork was used to body less standard buses than public service vehicles (PSVs). Notable examples include the BBC radio buses, in various places around the United Kingdom.

Double decker[edit]

The double-deck version of the Myllennium was built on a Volvo B7TL, DAF/VDL DB250 or Alexander Dennis Trident 2 chassis. The body could be built as covered, open-top or convertible open-top. It is the only convertible double-decker body available in the UK. The body was replaced by the Olympus and the Visionaire (open top). The full names are:

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