East Lancs Nordic

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East Lancashire Nordic
SA52DVV Volvo B7L East Lancs Nordic.JPG
An East Lancs Nordic-bodied Volvo B7L operated by First Glasgow
Manufacturer East Lancashire Coachbuilders
Body and chassis
Doors 1 door
Floor type Low floor
Chassis Volvo B7L
Volvo B9TL
Engine Volvo
Capacity 95-102 seats
Length 12.0 metres
Width 2.5 metres
Height 4.1 metres

The East Lancs Nordic is a type of double-decker bus body built by East Lancashire Coachbuilders. It is built on tri-axle 12 metre Volvo B7L and later tri-axle Volvo B9TL chassis, and have around 100 seats.


The body is basically an elongated double-deck Myllennium body, but was offered at first with an elongated Lolyne body. The only examples in the UK are 10 Lolyne-bodied Volvo B7L for First Glasgow and some Myllennium-bodied Volvo B9TLs, one operated by Roadliner of Poole in a green and black livery, and six by Weaveaway in Oxfordshire in a silver livery.

The body is also sold outside of the UK. Arriva Denmark had 14 with Volvo B7L chassis - their only double deckers - in Copenhagen in a yellow livery, under contract to HT (now HUR) which is similar to TfL in London, one was destroyed by fire, the other 13 were transferred to Ensignbus for selling to Washington D.C., with at least one being converted to open top and sold to Italy. City Trafik in Copenhagen also have 22 examples with Volvo B7L chassis.

Sri Lanka had 25 Volvo B7L (under contract to SLTB), the 15 of them were transferred to Ensignbus in Singapore for selling to Washington D.C. (with 6 new generations). 1 was burnt down before being exported in 2010. The name "Nordic" was derived from the chassis being built by a company from Sweden.

A Nordic with the newer Myllennium style of bodywork. It is owned by Weavaway Travel
A Nordic with the newer Myllennium style of bodywork. It is owned by Weavaway Travel