East Lancs Opus 2

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East Lancs Opus 2
Manufacturer East Lancashire Coachbuilders
Body and chassis
Floor type step entrance

The East Lancs Opus 2 is a type of bus body built on Spartan TX chassis by East Lancashire Coachbuilders. It is essentially a pre-production version of the Flyte, but with a front end design more similar to the outgoing EL2000.

It was built in 1996 on two Spartan chassis, which were imported from the United States by Yorkshire Traction for trialling, and which were to remain the only examples of the type in the UK.

The same front end was also applied to two early Flyte bodies, built on Volvo B10M chassis in 1996 for Delaine Buses of Bourne. (Most Flyte bodies had a front end style similar to that of the Spryte.)