East Lancs Pyoneer

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East Lancs Pyoneer
East Lancs Pyoneer 1.jpg
A Volvo Olympian / East Lancs Pyoneer
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2 door
Floor type Step entrance
Chassis Volvo Olympian
Dennis Arrow
Volvo B10M
Engine Cummins C-series (Dennis Arrow)
Volvo (Volvo)

The East Lancs Pyoneer is a type of double-decker bus body built on the Volvo Olympian, Dennis Arrow and Volvo B10M by East Lancashire Coachbuilders. The name continues the pattern of using 'misspelt' product names, started by the Cityzen.


The high floor Pyoneer was launched around 1997, to complement the earlier Cityzen. However, the model was very short lived due to the low floor bus revolution, with the first double decker example (a DAF/VDL DB250) appearing in 1998. Low floor buses took hold in 1999, and orders of the Pyoneer slowed. This led East Lancs to introduce the Lolyne series.

The Pyoneer's biggest operator was Nottingham City Transport, on Volvo Olympian and B10M chassis, who withdrew their final examples in 2009, making their fleet fully low floor.


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