East Leichhardt Dam

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East Leichhardt Dam
Location 25km East of Mount Isa, Queensland
Coordinates 20°46′50″S 139°46′59″E / 20.7806°S 139.783°E / -20.7806; 139.783Coordinates: 20°46′50″S 139°46′59″E / 20.7806°S 139.783°E / -20.7806; 139.783
Type reservoir
Basin countries Australia

East Leichhardt Dam is correctly identified as Lake Mary Kathleen, Queensland. The dam is located 25 km east of Mount Isa, Queensland, and 9 km south of the Barkly Highway.

The dam was built to be an emergency supply of water for the now-closed Mary Kathleen uranium mine. However, Lake Corella was sufficient.

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