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The East Neuk of Fife, looking out over the Firth of Forth to East Lothian, with the Bass Rock in the centre

The East Neuk (/st njk/ (About this soundlisten)) or East Neuk of Fife is an area of the coast of Fife, Scotland.

"Neuk" is the Scots word for nook or corner, and the East Neuk is generally accepted to comprise the fishing villages of the most northerly part of the Firth of Forth and the land and villages slightly inland therefrom. In effect, this means that part to the south of a line drawn parallel to the coast from just north of Earlsferry to just north of Crail, approximately 100 square kilometres (39 sq mi) in area. As such it would include Elie and Earlsferry, Colinsburgh, St Monans, Pittenweem, Arncroach, Carnbee, Anstruther, Cellardyke, Kilrenny, Crail and Kingsbarns and the immediate hinterland, as far as the upland area known as the Riggin o Fife.[1]

The area houses a Cold War era bunker[2] near Crail. Built in the late 1950s to be a regional seat of government in the event of a nuclear war, it is now a tourist attraction.

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