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East Norwalk
Westbound (to New York) platform
Location213 East Avenue and
2-98 Railroad Pl,
Norwalk, CT 06855
Coordinates41°06′14″N 73°24′16″W / 41.104000°N 73.404500°W / 41.104000; -73.404500Coordinates: 41°06′14″N 73°24′16″W / 41.104000°N 73.404500°W / 41.104000; -73.404500
Owned byConnDOT
Line(s)Northeast Corridor
Platforms2 side platforms each 4 cars long
ConnectionsLocal Transit Norwalk Transit District: 8, 11
Parking231 spaces
Other information
Fare zone17
Electrified12,500V (AC) overhead catenary
Passengers (2006)144,040[1]Steady 0%
Preceding station   MTA NYC logo.svg Metro-North Railroad   Following station
New Haven Line
Former services
Preceding station   New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad   Following station
toward New York
Main Line
toward New Haven

The East Norwalk station is a commuter rail stop on the Metro-North Railroad's New Haven Line, located in Norwalk, Connecticut. It is located in the neighborhood of East Norwalk, from which it derives its name. East Norwalk is 42 miles (68 km) from Grand Central Terminal and the average travel time from Grand Central is 68 minutes though this varies depending on run and time of day. Several parking lots serve this station. However, it does not appear that the City has set aside any daily parking spaces.[2]

East Avenue overpass

The small station lies between the much larger Westport and South Norwalk stations. Like many train stations, access from one side of the tracks to the other is under a bridge that crosses a nearby street. Unlike other stations, the sides of the station are also offset across that street (busy East Avenue), making the walk a bit more difficult, slow and dangerous. The walkway under the East Avenue railroad bridge is narrow, making it difficult for people walking in opposite directions to pass each other.

The Founder's Stone Monument [a.k.a. Founding Monument], which was formerly at East Avenue and Fitch Street,[3] is now in front of the [East Norwalk] railroad station.[4][5] At its former location it marks the earliest Norwalk settlement and adjacent first Meeting House (seat of government). Inscribed on the monument: "Norwalk Founded A.D. 1649. Its earliest homes were planted in the near vicinity of this stone. First Meeting House erected opposite, West."[6]

Station layout[edit]

This station has two offset high-level side platforms, each four cars long. The northern platform, adjacent to Track 3, is generally used by westbound trains. The southern platform, adjacent to Track 4, is generally used by eastbound trains. The New Haven Line has four tracks at this location. The two inner tracks, not adjacent to either platform, are used only by express trains.[7]:21

Platform level
Side platform, doors will open on the right Handicapped/disabled access
Track 3 New Haven Line toward Grand Central (South Norwalk)
Track 1 Northeast Corridor, New Haven Line express trains do not stop here
Track 2 Northeast Corridor, New Haven Line express trains do not stop here →
Track 4 New Haven Line toward New Haven or New Haven–State Street (Westport)
Side platform, doors will open on the right Handicapped/disabled access
G Street level Exit/entrance and parking


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