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East Plateau
Plateau VI
Linguistic classificationNiger–Congo

East or Southeast Plateau are a "probable" group of three Plateau languages spoken in Nigeria. Fyam and Horom are closely related; connections to Barkul (Bo-Rukul) are more problematic.

East Plateau 



? Barkul

Names and locations[edit]

Below is a list of language names, populations, and locations from Blench (2019).[2]

Language Alternate spellings Own name for language Endonym(s) Other names (location-based) Other names for language Speakers Location(s)
Pyam Fyem, Pyem, Paiem, Fem, Pem 7,700 (1952 W&B); 14,000 (1973 SIL) Plateau State, Jos, Barkin Ladi and Mangu LGAs
Bo-Rukul Mabo–Barkul Mabol, Barukul Kulere; Kaleri (erroneous) Plateau State, Mangu LGA, Richa district
Horom Barom Barom Kaleri (erroneous) 500 (1973 SIL); 1000 (Blench 1998) Plateau State, Mangu LGA. One village and one hamlet


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