East River (Florida)

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East River
CountryUnited States
Physical characteristics
 • locationFlorida
 • coordinates30°11′57″N 84°6′42″W / 30.19917°N 84.11167°W / 30.19917; -84.11167
MouthSt. Marks River
 • location
 • coordinates
30°5′19″N 84°10′44″W / 30.08861°N 84.17889°W / 30.08861; -84.17889Coordinates: 30°5′19″N 84°10′44″W / 30.08861°N 84.17889°W / 30.08861; -84.17889

The East River is a 10-mile-long (16 km)[1] river entirely within Wakulla County, Florida, draining part of the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge into the St. Marks River.

A dam within the refuge, crossed by the Florida Trail, creates the 245-acre (99 ha)[2] impoundment known as the East River Pool, with a boat ramp allowing access by canoes and small boats. Oyster bars are abundant around the mouth of the river.[3]

During the early 19th century, salt works were established along the East River, and were destroyed by a tropical storm in June 1863.[4] Later during the American Civil War, a small skirmish was fought between Union and Confederate troops along the East River on March 3–5, 1865, resulting in the capture of the East River Bridge by Union forces prior to the Battle of Natural Bridge.

List of crossings[edit]

Crossing Carries Image Location Coordinates
Headwaters 30°10′11″N 84°8′3″W / 30.16972°N 84.13417°W / 30.16972; -84.13417
East River Bridge Wakulla County 59.svg CR 59
Lighthouse Road
30°8′43″N 84°8′27″W / 30.14528°N 84.14083°W / 30.14528; -84.14083
Florida Trail 30°7′37″N 84°8′59″W / 30.12694°N 84.14972°W / 30.12694; -84.14972
Mouth (St. Marks River) 30°05′19″N 84°10′44″W / 30.08861°N 84.17889°W / 30.08861; -84.17889


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