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East Sea or Eastern Sea may refer to:

  • East China Sea, a marginal sea east of China, where it is called Dōnghǎi (东海/東海) in Chinese, meaning "East Sea"
  • South China Sea, a marginal sea south of China and east and south of Indochina, called Biển Đông in Vietnamese, meaning "East Sea"
  • Sea of Japan, a marginal sea between the Korean Peninsula, Russia and the Japanese archipelago, called Donghae (Hangul동해; Hanja東海; East Sea) in South Korea, and Chosŏn Tonghae (Hangul조선동해; Hanja朝鮮東海; Korean East Sea) in North Korea.
  • Baltic Sea, called "East Sea" in various languages
  • Dead Sea, a salt lake east of Israel, as used in the Bible (Joel 2:20; Ezek. 47:18)
  • Mare Orientale, Latin for "Eastern Sea", on the Moon
  • Atlantic Ocean, also referred to as the East Sea or Eastern Sea in poetry and other uses in North America
  • Pacific Ocean, called the East Sea in poetry and other uses from Australia, New Zealand, China and Japan
  • Indian Ocean, earlier called the "Eastern Ocean" or "Eastern Sea"
  • Eastern Sea, the eastern ocean of Middle-earth in J. R. R. Tolkien's fiction

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