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East Side Digital
Parent companyNorthSide
Founded1981 (1981)
FounderRob Simonds
Distributor(s)Alternative Distribution Alliance
Alternative country
Country of originU.S.
LocationMinneapolis, Minnesota

East Side Digital is a record label and distributor based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


ESD was started and curated by Rob Simonds (who also created Rykodisc[1]) in 1981 to import and distribute vinyl records on Japanese labels to record stores and other retailers.[2]

In 1982, ESD became one of the first U.S. distributors of compact discs, soon releasing records by rock and experimental performers on the ESD label.[3]

Subsequently, Ryko Distribution Partners took over ESD's distribution duties, allowing ESD to primarily be a record label.[4]

ESD is now a sub-label of NorthSide Records, a label Simonds created that specializes in Nordic roots music.[1]

Due to the advent of streaming and downloads of digital music, ESD has reduced operations to only offering music by local band Halloween, Alaska.[3]


This section contains a partial list of artists who released records on the ESD label.

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