Radio-Televisão Timor Leste

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Radio-Televisão Timor Leste
The RTTL's office building in Dili
LaunchedJune 1, 2002
Owned byGovernment of East Timor
CountryEast Timor Timor-Leste
Broadcast areaFree To Air/Satellite
HeadquartersDili, East Timor
Sister channel(s)RTP Internacional, Rede Globo,

Radio-Televisão Timor Leste (Radio Television East Timor in English) is the national radio and television broadcaster in East Timor.


The radio branch of RTTL is known as Radio Timor Leste (RTL), which broadcasts in Tetun and Portuguese. Radio Timor Leste is broadcast 16 hours a day with 34 programs locally produced by a staff of 63. Seven percent of RTL's programmes come from outside producers, including non governmental organizations and agencies.

RTL has 4 departments to support its daily operation: News, Programming, Technical, and the Department of Promotion, External Production and Research.

RTL Director Mr Rosario Da Graca Maia also serves as the Head of International Relations of Timor Lorosae'e Journalist's Association - TLJA. He has received an Australian Leadership Award and he's the Young International Analyst and Alert coordinator for the Southeast Asia Press Alliance - SEAPA

Radio Timor Leste can be reached on FM frequency in Dili 91.7 and different frequency in every District. RTL has AM frequency on 684. RTL has a plan to open up a new Channel called Antena 2 targeted youth and possibility to attend advertisement as the institution base on decree law 48/2008 became as Public company.

Base on the survey done by East Timor Insight, Radio Timor Leste as a major channel of information and has a widest coverage of the population.


The television division of RTTL is known as Televisão de Timor Leste or Televizaun Timor Lorosae (East Timor Television), abbreviated as TVTL. Its schedule consists of some locally made programs in Tetum, as well as relay of news programmes and others from RTP Internacional. In the past it occasionally broadcast a few programmes from ABC's Australia Network, and BBC World News. In September 2008, it signed an agreement with Brazil's Rede Globo, allowing its access to that channel's programming.

TVTL began broadcast in 1978, first as the East Timor station of TVRI and was later renamed as TV UNTAET. Following independence on May 20, 2002, it adopted its present name.

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