East Tremont, Bronx

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East Tremont, Bronx is located in Bronx
East Tremont, Bronx
Location of East Tremont in New York City
East 182nd Street

East Tremont is a residential neighborhood located in west Bronx, New York City. It is part of Bronx Community Board 6. It borders, from the north and moving clockwise, East 183rd Street, Crotona Avenue, the Cross-Bronx Expressway and Webster Avenue. East Tremont Avenue is the primary thoroughfare through the neighborhood. ZIP codes include 10457, 10458, and 10460. The area is patrolled by the 48th Precinct located at 450 Cross Bronx Expressway. New York City Housing Authority property in the area is patrolled by P.S.A. 8 at 2794 Randall Avenue in the Throggs Neck section of the Bronx.


East Tremont has a population over 30,000. East Tremont has one of the highest concentrations of Puerto Ricans in New York City. There is a small but growing Dominican population. Most households are renter occupied.[1]

Land use and terrain[edit]

East Tremont is dominated by five and six story tenement buildings, older multi-unit homes, vacant lots, and newly constructed apartment buildings. Most of the original housing stock was structurally damaged by arson and eventually razed by the city. The land area, somewhat hilly, is less than one square mile.

  1. Twin roads East (Site 9); one, 14-story building.
  2. East 180th Street-Monterey Avenue; one, 10-story building.


All are public schools.

PS 57
  • PS/MS 3: Raul Julia (East 180th St and LaFontaine Av)
  • PS 23: Early Childhood (East 181st St and Washington Av)
  • PS 32: Belmont (East 183rd St and Belmont Av)
  • PS 44: David Farragut (East 176th St and Prospect Av)
  • PS 57: Crescent/Frederick Douglass Academy V (East 180th St and Crotona Av)
  • PS 58: Tremont Park (East 176th St and Washington Av)
  • PS 59: Bathgate (East 182nd St and Bathgate Av)
  • PS 92: (East 179th St and Clinton Av)
  • PS/MS 211: The Bilingual School (Fairmount Place and Prospect Av)
  • PS 300/MS 129/P10/IS 316: Twin Parks (East 180th St and Mapes Av)
  • MS 118: William J. Niles (East 179th St and Arthur Av)
  • MS/HS 231: Eagle Academy for Young Men (East 176th St and 3rd Av)



Coordinates: 40°50′45″N 73°53′30″W / 40.84583°N 73.89167°W / 40.84583; -73.89167