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East View Geospatial (EVG), formerly East View Cartographic (EVC), is a leading provider of authoritative worldwide maps, rare geospatial data and geographic information systems (GIS) services. EVG's holdings include all types of geospatial data including vector & raster data, digital elevation models (DEM), satellite & aerial imagery, topographic maps, nautical & aeronautical charts, geological maps, bathymetric data and atlases. EVG has a complete geospatial production staff offering numerous geospatial and imagery processing and production services including feature extraction, georeferencing, digital data conversion, consulting and translation. With its unparalleled acquisition and production capabilities, EVG has built a long history meeting the varied needs of a wide range of customers from around the globe.

EVG serves customers from around the world with geospatial products from around the globe. While the number of industries that utilize GIS services and geospatial data are too numerous to list, EVG has a long history serving Energy & Natural Resource, Avionics, and Telecom companies, Defense and Intelligence contractors, Land Use & Engineering firms, Humanitarian organizations and Academic institutions.

EVG is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with offices in Russia, Kenya, China and Ukraine.

East View Geospatial Jottings[edit]

EVG has played a role in gaining access to and then marketing original geospatial information from China and Russia, pertaining in particular to Asia, South America, and Africa, areas of the world for which the United States of America does not have tactical maps at the 1:50,000 or better level, with contour lines.

EVG's capability is notable especially in the context of proving the value of open source intelligence, and were one of the six companies that responded, pro bono, with useful open source information when asked to do so by the Aspin-Brown Commission.

In 2003, East View Cartographic formed a partnership with Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) to provide data sets for ESRI's Mapshop web application.[1]

In 2006, East View acquired perhaps the first comprehensive private collection of worldwide geologic maps from the Telberg Geologic Map Service.[2]

In 2012, East View Cartographic changed its name to East View Geospatial.[3]

About East View[edit]

East View was founded in 1989 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. East View is divided into East View Information Services (www.eastview.com), East View Geospatial and East View Map Link.

  • East View Information Services (EVIS) is a leading provider of native and translated foreign language information databases, print periodicals, books and microforms.
  • East View Geospatial (EVG) is a leading provider of authoritative worldwide maps, rare geospatial data and GIS production services and solutions.
  • East View Map Link (EVML) is a leading provider of travel, thematic and wall maps, road atlases, globes and geography education materials.

East View maintains thousands of supplier/publisher relationships throughout the world for maps and geospatial data and Russian, Arabic and Chinese-produced social and hard science content. East View manages a data center, library and warehouse in Minneapolis where it hosts and stores dozens of foreign language databases, hundreds of thousands of maps and atlases and millions of geospatial, Russian, Chinese and Arabic metadata records.


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