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East West
East West members.jpg
East West's latest lineup, from approximately 2002.
Background information
Origin Irvine, California
Genres Hardcore rock,[1] hard rock,[2] nu metal[2]
Years active 1993-2003
Labels Floodgate, Epic, WEA-Warner Brothers
Website powerjams.com
Members Mike Tubbs
Bobby "Vee" Vergura
John Druse
James "J.J." Jenkins
Past members Mike "House" Housen
Joe Fulford
David Barrs
Dave Detloff

East West was a Christian rock band from Irvine, California, who later re-located to Corona, California. The band takes its name from the Bible verse Psalms 103:12.

While many members were replaced during East West's timeline, the best-known line-up included Mike Tubbs (Vocals, Guitar), Mike "House" Housen (Vocals), James "JJ" Jenkins (Vocals), Bobby "Vee" Vegura (Drummer, Percussion, Vocals). In 2002, Prior to the band's 1st US Tour, Housen departed and was replaced by Jon Druse.

Nothing has been heard of East West since the May/June 2003 issue of HM Magazine, in which Mike Tubbs had this to say:

Early history[edit]

East West was formed in 1988 in the San Fernando Valley, by Mike Housen (guitar, backing vocals), Eric Kieselhorst (vocals), Stan Barrett(guitar and keyboard and back vocals) and Ralph Lamagna (drums). Bassist David Pryor joined the band in 1989. The band's song "Southern Dawn" was in KROQ-FM's rotation. The band played frequently at the Sunset Strip and opened for well-known bands at the time Mary's Danish and Warrant. In 1990 Housen moved to orange county and formed "Tears for Jane" ( EuroBeat) with Ken James at vocals. Housen reformed East West in 1991. This version consisted of Housen (vocals, guitar), Dave Barrs (guitar), Bob Vergura (drums) and Dave Detloff (bass).

Original Members of EastWest

In 1992, Housen crossed paths with Mike Tubbs, a friendship evolved, and Tubbs eventually joined the band as guitarist. East West was then redefined as a rapcore band with strong melodies, three-part harmonies and heavy extreme metal influences. At this point, the other members were Paul "Boomer" Droste (drums) and Paul "Soth" Nasfell (bass, vocals). Together, they recorded a five-song demo, which was released in 1995. During this period, Housen provided lead vocals.

Ben Dacanay (drums) replaced Droste in 1995 after the band's first show at the Whiskey (where they released their untitled 5-song EP) and Ted Su (bass) replaced Nasfell in 1996 when Nasfell left the band for family reasons. East West continued to evolve musically, and recorded Rachel's Silence (released in 1996) and an unreleased studio album in 1997. Shortly after, Dacanay and Su left the group. It was around this time that Housen decided to focus more on guitar and songwriting, while Tubbs became the lead vocalist. The band then re-located to Corona, California. Housen departed East West in 2003.

Tubbs' faith[edit]

Mike Tubbs has been interviewed by both Icon New Media Network and Ancient Faith Radio about his conversion to the Orthodox faith (see external links section).

East West with Members Mike Tubbs, Bobby "Vee" Vergura, JJ Jenkins and Jon Druse..went on to tour North America and Europe for 5 years straight before deciding to take a break and reunite with their families.

Silent Rise[edit]

James has started his own solo project in which 2 songs have been recorded as demos. The band is called Silent Rise referring to how the humble through quiet service will be lifted up. He has about 15 to 20 songs written. Silent Rise can be found on Myspace and Facebook. The band consists of Jeremy Collins - Vocals, James Jenkins- Bass, TBA- Guitars, and TBA- Drums.

In early July James was asked to help record to tribute songs for a Deliverance tribute record to be released this fall tentatively. He worked with former members of Oil, Jason Vanderpal (drums) Blake Nelson (guitars) and Ron Rinehart (vocals).


  1. East West Demo - Not for Resale EP (1995) (Independent)
  2. Rachel's Silence (1996) (TISUMI Records)
  3. Untitled (1997) (TISUMI Records) (Unreleased)
  4. East West (1998) (Backbone Records)
  5. The Light in Guinevere's Garden (2001) (Floodgate Records)
  6. Vintage (East West re-release) (2003) (Floodgate)
  7. Hope in Anguish (2003) (Floodgate)
  8. Unnamed Demo for a potential record - Unreleased (2003-2004)


In 2010, "She Cries" was featured in an episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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