East of Eden

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East of Eden is the biblical location of the Land of Nod where Cain was exiled.

East of Eden may also refer to:



In music[edit]

  • East of Eden (band), a progressive rock band from the UK
  • East of Eden (album), a 2009 album by Taken by Trees
  • "East of Eden", a song by Big Country from the album Steeltown
  • "East of Eden", a song by Babyshambles from the album Fuck Forever
  • "East of Eden", a song by Mason Jennings from the album Century Spring
  • "East of Eden", a song by Lone Justice from the album Lone Justice
  • "East of Eden", a song by Dead Can Dance from the album Dead Can Dance
  • "East Of Eden", a song by singer Zella Day from the album Kicker
  • "East of Eden, West of Memphis", a song by Spock's Beard from the album Feel Euphoria