East of Samarinda

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East of Samarinda
Author Carl Jacobi
Cover artist Gregg Budgett and Gary Dumm
Country United States
Language English
Genre Adventure short stories
Publisher Bowling Green State University Popular Press
Publication date
Media type Print (Softback)
Pages 229 pp
ISBN 0-87972-441-2

East of Samarinda is a collection of stories by author Carl Jacobi. It was released in 1989 by Bowling Green State University Popular Press. Although Jacobi is known mostly for his horror and science fiction stories, this book collects adventure stories set in Borneo and the South Seas. The collection was edited by Carl Jacobi and R. Dixon Smith. Jacobi also provides a preface and Smith wrote the introduction ("Open Hell Without Quarter").

The stories 21 originally appeared in pulp magazines such as Thrilling Adventure and are reprinted in facsimile from the original pulps in which they appeared, including illustrations.


Fourteen of the short stories are set in Dutch East Borneo, two in British North Borneo, two in New Guinea, two in the South Seas (South China Sea, East China Sea and Southern Pacific Ocean) and one off the coast of the Unfederated Malay States.


East of Samarinda contains the following stories:

  1. "Crocodile"
  2. "Letter of Dismissal"
    • Originally published in Top-Notch, October 1934
  3. "Sumpitan"
    • Originally published in Top-Notch, October 1935
  4. "Death on Tin Can"
  5. "East of Samarinda"
  6. "The Jade Scarlotti"
  7. "Death's Outpost"
  8. "Leopard Tracks"
  9. "Deceit Post"
  10. "Jungle Wires"
  11. "Holt Sails the 'San Hing'"
  12. "Quarry"
  13. "Trial by Jungle"
  14. "Hamadryad Chair"
  15. "A Film in the Bush"
    • Originally published in Doc Savage, September 1937
  16. "Redemption Trail"
  17. "Black Passage"
  18. "Spider Wires"
  19. "Tiger Island"
  20. "Dead Man's River"
  21. "Submarine I-26"

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