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East v Maurer[1991] EWCA Civ 6
Court Court of Appeal of England and Wales
Full case name Terence Eardley East & Janet Daisy Maud East v Roger Joseph Maurer & Roger de Paris & Company Ltd
Decided 28 September 1990
Citation(s) [1990] EWCA Civ 6, [1991] 2 All ER 733, [1991] 1 WLR 461
Court membership
Judge(s) sitting Lord Justice Mustill, Lord Justice Butler-Sloss, Lord Justice Beldam

East v Maurer [1990] EWCA Civ 6[1] is an English contract law case concerning misrepresentation.


Maurer fraudulently told East he would not run a competing hair salon, so East bought the salon from Maurer. Maurer started to run a competing hair salon. East lost business. East then sued Maurer for deceit.


"The Court of Appeal held that East could recover the price paid minus selling price, plus trading losses, plus expenses of buying and selling and carrying out improvements, plus £10,000 in foregone profits. It noted that foregone profits were recoverable in tort where the claimant might be expected to make them in a similar hairdressing business. To recover profits that would have been particular to this business, breach of a contractual warranty needed to be shown."[2]

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