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Photograph of Rimu Street, the main street of Eastbourne
Rimu Street, the main street of Eastbourne
Eastbourne is located in North Island
Coordinates: 41°18′S 174°54′E / 41.300°S 174.900°E / -41.300; 174.900
CountryNew Zealand
RegionWellington Region
CityLower Hutt
 • Total4,665 (2,013)

Eastbourne is a suburb of Lower Hutt city in the southern North Island of New Zealand. Its population was 4,665 people in the 2013 New Zealand Census.[1]

An outer suburb, it is situated on the eastern shore of Wellington Harbour, five kilometres south of the main Lower Hutt urban area and directly across the harbour from the Miramar Peninsula in Wellington city. It is reached from Lower Hutt by a narrow exposed coastal road via the industrial suburb of Seaview. It comprises some 2000 residential homes spread over the seven main small bays of Point Howard, Lowry Bay, York Bay, Mahina Bay, Days Bay, Rona Bay and Robinsons Bay, although only the last two are commonly considered part of Eastbourne itself. There are also two smaller bays; Sunshine Bay and Sorrento Bay.[2][3]

Close to the sea and catching afternoon sun, the bays are quite steep with the lower reaches having homes, many with spectacular harbour views.[4] Higher up there is mainly native bush and trees. With a locally administered possum eradication programme much of the native bush has regenerated including red flowering northern rātā trees. The bush has numerous tracks running to and from them including a track along the entire bays hills ridge. It also has sheltered swimming beaches that are a major attraction.[2][3]

There is a regular trans-harbour ferry service between Wellington and Eastbourne, which docks at the Days Bay wharf in Eastbourne and at Queen's Wharf close to down-town Wellington.

Prior to its amalgamation into Lower Hutt, the Borough of Eastbourne was a separate town, with its own council and civic administration. The Eastbourne Community Board is a remnant of the town council and remains vocal on local issues.

Eastbourne has three local primary schools: Muritai School, San Antonio School and in Days Bay Wellesley College.

At the end of Eastbourne beyond Burdan's gate there is a pedestrian-only coastal road (unsealed) which extends out to the Wellington Harbour entrance heads, where there are three lighthouses. This area is popular with cyclists and provides access to East Harbour Regional Park.

The hills surrounding Eastbourne provide important habitat for indigenous biodiversity and contain some of New Zealand's rarest and most endangered plant species.[5]

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Coordinates: 41°18′S 174°54′E / 41.300°S 174.900°E / -41.300; 174.900