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Easter Song is a song written by Annie Herring of the Jesus music group the 2nd Chapter of Acts that tells of Jesus Christ's resurrection and the elation Christians feel about this resurrection on Easter.[1] It was first recorded in 1974 and released on the band's debut album, With Footnotes. It continues to be performed, appearing in church hymnals and Easter songbooks as well as on Wow Gold CD.[2] It has been covered by several other artists, including GLAD[3] and Keith Green.[4]

According to Tori Taff of CCM Magazine, "The opening notes to 'Easter Song' just may be the single most recognizable intro in contemporary Christian music".[5] The song even achieved moderate success as a crossover on mainstream radio stations.[5] In 1998 CCM Magazine named "Easter Song" as the No. 4 Christian song of all time.[6]


Annie Herring never thought she could become a song writer. However, when the Lord began to sing songs through her soon after her marriage in 1969, she wrote down the songs and would share them, first with her husband and siblings, then with others who wanted to hear her songs.[7] According to Annie, Easter Song came about in the spring, around Easter time. She was sitting in front of the piano, and she said to Jesus, "You know, Father, I would really like to have a present". He answered her, "All right, here's a present". And He gave her Easter Song.[8]

However, Annie envisioned that the song should be sung by a choir, not by herself and her two siblings, who comprised 2nd Chapter of Acts. One day Annie sang it for a friend, Jimmy Owens, thinking he might be able to use it in one of the musicals he was writing. Owens knew that the song was for 2nd Chapter of Acts to sing, and convinced Annie that the group should record it.[9]

Unfortunately, 2nd Chapter of Acts' band didn't share Jimmy's vision, and the drummer complained that he didn't hear any drums in that song at all.[7] Buck Herring, Annie’s husband, wouldn’t take "no drums" for an answer, and told the drummer firmly to just play something, anything. The drummer put a different beat to the song, taking it once and for all out of the realm of a choral piece, and into the lilting rhythm. Then another friend, Michael Omartian, added the energetic keyboards that has given the intro the title of "the single most recognizable intro in contemporary Christian music".[5][7]

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