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The Diocese of Eastern America and New York (Russian: Восточно-Американская и Нью-Йоркская епархия) is a diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia that is the see of its First Hierarch.


Esteblishment of the Diocese is referred in ROCOR to 1934, when the Bishop Vitaly (Maximenko) arrived to U.S.

In its present form the diocese was formed after November Cleveland Sobor in 1946 when clergy and laity of the Northern American Mitropolis adopted a resolution by which the Metropolitan District limit his contacts with the Moscow Patriarchate and the Synod of ROCOR. However, much of the parishes refused to be separated from the ROCOR. After the rupture of communion with Metropolitan Theophilus (Pashkovsky), ROCOR regained its jurisdiction in America and received about 40 parishes emerged from the Metropolitan District. Аdministration of these parishes was charged to Archbishop Vitaly, who received the title "Archbishop of Eastern America and Jersey City".


Ruling Bishops[edit]


Bishops of Manhattan
Bishop of Mayfield
Bishop of Erie
Bishop of Boston
Archbishops of Syracuse and Holy Trinity
Bishop of Washington
Archbishop of Rockland
Bishop/Archbishop of Florida
Bishop of Detroit


Coordinates: 40°10′23″N 74°14′07″W / 40.17306°N 74.23541°W / 40.17306; -74.23541