Eastern Beskids

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Eastern Beskids
Východné Beskydy (sk)
Panorama Pieniny from Trzy Korony.jpg
View of the nearby Pieniny from the summit of Three Crowns
Highest point
Peak Minčol
Elevation 1,157 m (3,796 ft)
Coordinates 49°13′50″N 21°0′27″E / 49.23056°N 21.00750°E / 49.23056; 21.00750Coordinates: 49°13′50″N 21°0′27″E / 49.23056°N 21.00750°E / 49.23056; 21.00750
Vnější Západní Karpaty, h.svg
Eastern Beskids ranges (marked in red) within the Outer Western Carpathians
Countries Slovakia and Poland
Regions Prešov and Lesser Poland
Parent range Outer Western Carpathians
Borders on Podhale-Magura Area, (Polish) Western Beskids and Low Beskids

The Eastern Beskids (Slovak: Východné Beskydy; in Polish considered part of the Western Beskids, Beskidy Zachodnie) is a set of mountain ranges spanning the northern Slovak and southern Polish border.

Traditionally the Eastern Beskids are considered part of the Beskid Mountains, a term that differs according to historical and linguistic heritage. Geologically the Eastern Beskids are part of the Outer Western Carpathians.


The Eastern Beskids consist of: